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New Version of PC Print: April 2020

A new version of PC Print will soon be available on our website. The new version contains the following enhancements:  

  • CR11489 contains the RARC and CARC published by WPC through November 2020. 
  • CR11490 is to implement operating rules - Phase III ERA EFT: CORE 360 Uniform Use of CARC and RARC Rule - Update from CAQH CORE 
  • CR11070 contains PC Print enhancements including, but not limited to:
    • PC Print to be compatible with all current versions of Windows.
    • Code set updates can now be delivered separately.
    • Single Claim screen/report contains additional service line information.
    • Marked for Print features now include a visual indicator showing which items are marked for print. The ability to remove an item from marked for print was also added.
    • Fields no longer in use were removed
    • Admin was removed from the menu as it is no longer a requirement.      

To download PC Print starting 3/28/2020 and after, click on the Claims & Appeals tab and then EDI Solutions on our website. Once on the EDI Solutions landing page, select EDI Software: PC Print and then Download PC Print.

Please take time on Wednesday, 4/8/2020 to upgrade to the latest version of the software.

If you have any questions or need assistance in downloading the PC-Print upgrade from the EDI Solutions section, please contact the EDI Help Desk: 

  • J6: 877-273-4334
  • JK: 888-379-9132

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Posted 3/26/2020 

Last Modified: 3/26/20
New Version of PC Print: April 2020
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