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July 2019 EDI Front-End Quarterly Release

Please be advised that while the CMS-mandated quarterly release for July 2019 will be installed the weekend of 6/30/2019, the code set updates included with this release will not be effective in the EDI front-end processing system until Wednesday, 7/3/2019. EDI claims sent prior to 7/3/2019 that include any of the new or updated codes will reject in the EDI front-end.

Title and Description Purpose Trading Partner Impact

Subject:  RARC, CARC, MREP and PC Print Update

MLN Matters Article: MM11204
This CR instructs Medicare system maintainers to update MREP and PC Print with the CARC and RARC updates as posted on the WPC website on or about 3/1/2019. Trading Partners should review the MedLearn Matters article for this CR so they are aware of the modifications that have been made to MREP and PC Print software to reflect the 3/1/2019 CARC and RARC changes.

There is a new MREP Codes.ini file, which will be available for download from the CMS website. There is a new version of PC Print which may be downloaded from our website under the Claims & Appeals tab > Electronic Data Interchange > Electronic Data Interchange Software link.

Posted 5/31/2019

Last Modified: 9/6/19
July 2019 EDI Front-End Quarterly Release
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