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Electronic Data Interchange and Electronic Remittance Advice Enrollment Application Changes Coming Soon

National Government Services will be implementing changes to the EDI enrollment process. This will impact providers receiving the Medicare Part B SPR looking to make changes to their current EDI enrollment as well as providers enrolling for EDI for the first time.

Effective 5/13/2019, providers enrolling with EDI for the first time will be required to simultaneously enroll for the ERA. Additionally, providers requesting changes to their current EDI enrollment will also be required to enroll to receive the ERA X12 835 transaction if they are still receiving paper remittances.

NGS offers a number of free tools that support converting the ERA to a print image file that looks similar to the SPR. 

Making the change is easy.

  • If you currently use a clearinghouse to submit your claims to Medicare, contact the clearinghouse to verify if they can receive the ERA on your behalf.
  • If you currently submit your claims electronically direct to NGS Medicare, verify with your software vendor that you have the ability to retrieve the 835 remittance advice electronic transactions and that you can automatically post electronic results. If you are able to retrieve but not post automatically, CMS offers the MREP software that allows you to read and print the 835 electronic remittance advice file after downloading. For more information on the free MREP software, visit the MREP on the CMS website.
  • Additionally, providers using the free billing software, PC-ACE, can take advantage of this product’s functionality to also convert ERA file to a print image for printing. There is no need for additional software. For more information, visit the View and Print ERA in PC-ACE web page on this website.

Information on our free software as well as user guides are available on the EDI Enrollment web page. Once the enrollment for the 835 ERA is complete, the provider will receive both the ERA file and the SPR via mail for 45 days. The SPR will be discontinued after the 45 day period.

In addition to the ERA, providers will have the ability to access their remittances from our NGSConnex provider portal. When a provider enrolls for the 835 ERA, there is a choice to enroll for NGSConnex as the preferred method to receive remittances. We encourage providers to take the opportunity to enroll for the ERA or NGSConnex solution prior to the May implementation of the EDI enrollment application changes. Watch for education opportunities related to this change and free software demonstrations.

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Contact the EDI department at NGS for further information on your situation and the availability of ERA for your office.

Last Modified: 3/13/19
Electronic Data Interchange and Electronic Remittance Advice Enrollment Application Changes Coming Soon
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