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CAC Meeting Information

National Government Services will host a combined J6 and JK CAC via teleconference on 4/11/2019 from 3:00‒5:00 p.m. ET.

The purpose of the meeting is to obtain advice from CAC members and SMEs regarding the strength of published evidence on the use of the OVA 1 and other multimarker serum tests related to ovarian cancer testing to assess malignancy risk in adnexal masses in women with planned surgery. Currently, the OVA 1 test is noncovered in Local Coverage Determination L33629.

The CAC and SME panel will vote on predistributed questions and the public is invited to attend as observers. Please note that CAC panels do not make coverage determinations, but MACs benefit from their advice.

Call-In Information

  • Listen Only Toll Free Dial-In Number: 844-824-1430
  • Conference ID: 2881218

Posted 4/5/2019

Last Modified: 4/5/19
CAC Meeting Information
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