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MSI Survey Begins in March 2019!

The MSI survey is coming soon in March 2019. This survey is administered by the CMS which measures your satisfaction with our processes and service delivery so we can gain valuable insights to continuously improve our services.

Thank you for your feedback in 2018. Your feedback was used to help improve your Medicare experience. Below are just a few highlights of the feedback we received and put into action:

    • We made a number of improvements to our NGSConnex portal, our IVR system and our, some of which include:
      • Added crossover/supplemental insurer information to NGSConnex
      • Added QMB information to NGSConnex and the IVR
      • Added the ability to obtain Medical Review details in NGSConnex
      • Improved navigation and usability of NGSConnex
      • Added ability to obtain up to four years of historical eligibility information in NGSConnex and the IVR
      • Added more YouTube educational videos to our YouTube channel to provide another avenue for providers to receive important information on-demand
      • Improved the Provider Enrollment section of our website with detailed instructions
    • We provided additional training to our CSRs in the Provider Contact Center to increase their knowledge and reduce transfers to Tier 2 CSRs.
    • We changed our CSR training schedule so we only close the PCC on two days each month instead of four.
    • We added more “Let’s Chat” sessions to our education events calendar.
    • We added more time for Questions and Answers during our webinars.
    • We improved our response letters from several areas including Provider Enrollment, Appeals and Medical Review
    • And much more

We look forward to receiving your feedback again this year.

Last Modified: 6/12/19
MSI Survey Begins in March 2019!
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