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Revised LCDs and Articles November/December 2018

Micro-Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)  (L37244)

Based on a reconsideration request received in October 2018, coverage has been added for Hydrus Microstent with the use of CPT code 0191T, effective for services rendered on or after 11/8/2018.

Psychiatric Partial Hospitalization Programs (L33626)

LCD updated to remove CPT codes 90849 and 90853, which were previously replaced by codes G0410 and G0411. In addition, revenue codes 0912 and 0913 were added to the LCD.

Select Minimally Invasive GERD Procedures (L35080)

Based on a reconsideration request, information has been added to the “Limitations” and  “Analysis of Evidence (Rationale for Determination)” sections of the LCD to reflect revised FDA guidelines, effective 12/1/2017.

1218 MMR: Revised LCDs and Articles November/December 2018
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