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Accessibility Features of the National Government Services Website

The website employs many features to make information more accessible.

If you have comments or suggestions, please use our Site Feedback mechanism to let us know how we can meet more accessibility needs.

Accessible design features include:

  1. Images have text alternates, called "alt text," except decorative images, where alt text is hidden
  2. Pages begin with links to skip repetitive menus and move directly to the text of the page
  3. The text of links is designed to be clear when using auditory screen readers. Link titles have been added when necessary for extra clarity
  4. All content and PDF links on the National Government Services website that lead users to an external/other website display a graphic with the alternate text description "Go to External Site"
  5. Pages are organized to make sense in text-only browsers, and with style sheets turned off in visual browsers
  6. All pages are designed with separate cascading style sheets, so the styles can be disabled
  7. All data tables are structured with row and column headings that can be used in nonvisual browsers
  8. Colors on this site have been selected to provide sufficient contrast for people who are colorblind or have visual impairments
  9. The content is written clearly and succinctly

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