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Benefits Coordination & Recovery Center

Effective 2/1/2014, the CMS transitioned COB activities for GHP and non-GHPs from the COBC and Non-GHP recovery functions from the MSPRC to the new BCRC. There will be no change to any of the COB processes under the BCRC. Providers will now contact the BCRC when applicable. It is no longer necessary to contact the COBC or the MSPRC. 

BCRC Responsibilities

    • Consolidate activities that support the collection, management, and reporting of other insurance coverage for Medicare beneficiaries
    • Take actions to identify health benefits available to a Medicare beneficiary and coordinates the payment process to prevent mistaken payment of Medicare benefits

Note: The BCRC does not process claims or handle claim specific inquiries. Contact the Medicare Administrative Contractor for your area.

Reasons to Contact the BCRC

    • Ask a general MSP questions…who pays first; who pays second
    • Ask a question regarding MSP letters and questionnaires (i.e., initial enrollment questionnaires and secondary claim development questionnaires)
    • Report employment changes or any other insurance coverage information 
    • Report a liability, automobile/no-fault, or workers’ compensation case
    • To obtain conditional payment amounts
    • To obtain Medicare’s final recovery claim amount
    • To ask questions regarding MSP recovery demand letters
    • To ask questions with respect to a “Notice of Intent to Refer Debt to the Department of Treasury” letter
    • To ask questions regarding repaying Medicare
    • To request a waiver of recovery with respect to a beneficiary MSP debt. (Note: A waiver of recovery request cannot be accepted or processed until a recovery demand letter is issued.)
    • To request a first level appeal with respect to the determination contained in a beneficiary MSP recovery and demand letter or a determination made on a waiver of recovery request from a beneficiary

General Contact Information for the BCRC


Congressional Point of Contacts

Benefits Coordination

Hisan Deen
Phone: 646-458-6640
Fax: 405-869-3307 (On your fax coversheet, please identify your correspondence as “Congressional”)


Martha Jones
Phone: 601-977-5724
Fax: 405-869-3309 (On your fax coversheet, please identify your correspondence as “Congressional”)

Benefits Coordination & Recovery Center
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